xSkrape Page Explorer Tool

Sample Page Explorer

The Page Explorer utility allows you to explore raw source data so that you can:

  • Understand what xSkrape's powerful inference engine can discover in the data, unaided.
  • See possible suggestions on how to reference the parts of the discovered data you want.
  • Search the discovered data for known "values of interest", and the syntax required to access it more generally, using xSkrape.
  • Experiment with xSkrape syntax. For example, complex URL expressions are something Page Explorer understands - your browser won't!
  • Page Explorer isn't specific to xSkrape for SQL Server: its suggestions apply to all xSkrape variations!
  • In a more general case, discover the XPath expression that would identify specific "values of interest" in the source data. This can be useful even if you use other scraping tools that use XPath.

The product is free to use.

System Requirements: This tool requires .NET 4.6.1.

You might not have necessary pre-requisite components installed. You can do so by running the full setup program.

   Run Page Explorer Application

If the above launch button does not work, you can try running the full setup program.

If the applicaiton does not start automatically, watch for a download that needs to be run to start the Page Explorer tool:

Warning message
If you find either of these appearning at the bottom of your browser window, continue with their download and run them.
Warning message