xSkrape for Excel (Desktop) Add-in

The Excel add-in adds multiple new functions that can be used on all machines where both Excel and the add-in are installed. The functions span two main areas:

  • Leverage the C# language - Delivers the power of the C# language to your worksheets without having to resort to VBA scripting. Take advantage of LINQ over cells and ranges within your worksheets. Creates an environment that resembles LINQPad, with live data in Excel!
  • Data processing - Leverage the XS.QL language to explain the shape of external data sources in formats such as JSON (e.g. from web API's), XML, HTML, CSV, TSV, and more, bringing it into Excel as discrete values or ranges.

We provide significant detail on how to use the add-in in our blog article, xSkrape for Excel - New Functions Bring C# to Excel.

How do I get the add-in?

You can download and install the latest version from either our MSI install package, or a web application (available for IE or Edge users, or Chrome / Firefox users who have added support for ClickOnce applications):

Web Application Installer


Windows Installer File (.MSI)