Samples Gallery

The following files provide functional examples for both the desktop and web add-ins.

Learning by example can be very effective, so we have provided a number of sample workbooks that use xSkrape features to show possibilities - and in some cases offer practical solutions that you can use today, as is. Additional reference documentation and a frequently asked questions list are also available.

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Do you have an idea for a sample that might solve a specific problem? By all means share your idea and you might find it added to the gallery. If you implement a working sample of your own, submit it to us, and if we decide to put it in the samples gallery, we'll give you 30,000 free credits! (Please no workbooks with macros, and of course leverage xSkrape add-in functionality in a cool way.) Feel free to provide suggestions for samples, or send us your sample by email ( (attach the xlsx file), with a brief note describing your submission.