What have we been up to? Here's a run-down that includes release notes, updates and general news.

Date Product Type  
9/5/2016 xSkrape (All) Info We're going to be releasing a lot of videos using our YouTube channel. Bookmark it!
9/2/2016 xSkrape for SQL Update New video available: Write SQL queries against Splunk using xSkrape for SQL Server #splunk #sqlserver. More generally, turn ANY web API into a SQL data source!
9/1/2016 xSkrape (All) Release of Page Explorer on the web, applicable to all versions / implementations of xSkrape
8/24/2016 xSkrape for SQL Offical release of Hosted xSkrape for SQL Server. This topic is covered in detail in our recent blog post. Issue SQL queries against live web data sources, directly from SQL Server.
8/17/2016 xSkrape (All) New feature: schema detection means you can point at a JSON or XML source and with zero mapping effort, potentially get a tabular representation available (e.g. in Excel, using the add-in). All the existing mapping options still work as expected: this is just an additional layer of inference that can save you time and effort.
8/15/2016 xSkrape for Excel Version 1.1.1 is now available in the Office Store. This version includes the sample data / test data generation task. Plus, our "free tier" is now 250 credits per month. If you have modest usage requirements, you can be using xSkrape for free today (add-in and API).
7/29/2016 Version 1.1 is now available in the Office Store. This version includes the Vault task for securing cell ranges, and a new feature that adds sample data and tasks to an empty worksheet, illustrating what xSkrape can do for you!
7/14/2016 Coming Soon New task type that allows you to secure data ranges with the click of a button; details to follow, included in add-in 1.1 release.
6/28/2016 Update xSkrape Add-In for Excel is now available in the Microsoft Office Store.
6/23/2016 xSkrape API Public API documentation published
6/17/2016 xSkrape for Excel RSS Messaging Data Connector is no longer "beta" - available for general use.